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We are specialist classic car purveyors that are dedicated to ensure we source, restore and service classic vehicles.

1937 DKW F7 Saloon for Sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1982 Ford Cortina LDV 3.0 V6 For Sale
1965 Ford Mustang Convertible for sale
1961 Borgward Isabella Kombi for Sale
1937 Chevrolet Master Delux For Sale
1957 Austin Healey 100-6 (BN4) for Sale
1974 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTV 2000 for Sale
1971 MGB GT 2 Door hatchback coupe for Sale
1969 Jaguar E-Type Series 11 for Sale
1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk 1 for Sale
1988 Jaguar XJ-SC cabriolet for Sale
1982 BMW 7 Series Sedan E23 for Sale
1947 MG TC for Sale

Are you Selling or looking for a classic car?

‌Selling your Classic vehicle?

Your thinking of selling your classic car or oldtimer but you don’t want to deal with strangers at your house, the incoming phone calls, viewers but no buyers and just the hassle in general. Possibly you have tried but you just haven’t had any luck yet selling your classic vehicle. Well Route 101 Classic Car Center provides the solution when it comes to selling your classic car. We’re specialized in purchasing, selling and consignment of oldtimers, classic or vintage cars.

We’re always on the lookout for good quality convertibles, coupes and special vehicles. Brands that are eligible include Alfa Romeo, Austin Healey, Bentley, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, MG, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Triumph, BMW, Daimler, Studebaker, Chevrolet and all the way to Volkswagen and Volvo. Why not give us a call to see how we go about it.

Purchase of your classic car

Due to our rapidly changing inventory we’re constantly looking for interesting classic cars to buy. If you’re interested in offering your classic car or classic car collection, please contact us to see if we can do a deal.

Consignment sale of your classic car
How does it work?
  • Deliver your car in a clean and polished condition to our showroom. Optionally, we can also pick up the car at your place and have it cleaned and polished by a professional carwash (costs are at your expense).
  • Please include any historic documents along with the car.
  • Our specialist checks the car and together with you, we determine the value.
  • When both parties come to an agreement, a contract will be filled out. You have the choice to take the documents of the car with you or leave them with us where they will be stored in a safe. Of course, you remain the owner of the car.
  • Your car will be photographed and advertised on our own website. We also create a sales plan for your car and advertise your car through advertisements and websites domestic and abroad.
  • When the car is sold the agreed amount will be transferred to your bank account.
  • We prepare all documents for the new owner of the car, transport the car if desired, and send the disclaimer to you by mail.

Why would I sell my car through Classic Car Center instead of selling it myself?

Due to scarcity every classic car is unique. We as specialists know exactly how to offer your car and even more important, to whom. It may be that your car in your country isn’t so popular, but is even more popular abroad. We know all about this, thanks to our many years of experience as a classic car trader. It’s well known that the sales cycle of a classic car might be long. You don’t have to worry about advertising, selling, communicating with possible buyers, appointments and the annoyance of empty promises by would-be buyers, we take care of all of that! By selling your classic car through Route 101, we believe there’s a 90% chance your car will be sold within 6 months.

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