1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
1990 Jaguar XJS for sale
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Through the years, the color range was expanded and an H.E (high efficiency) engine was added in 1982, but sales remained between 3,500 and 5,000 cars a year. A sunroof arrived in 1986, as did a Targa top convertible. A genuine convertible was announced for 1988, along with wood trim and heated seats, and anti-lock-brakes were added in 1989.

Ford had taken ownership of Jaguar in 1989, and the range was broadened with a 4-liter 6-cylinder engine option in 1993. By this time the V-12 convertible cost a hefty $82,550, which was a far cry from the coupe’s $19,000 price tag at launch. When the XJS was discontinued in 1996, it was the longest-running Jaguar model ever, at 20 years.

Thanks to the production numbers, the XJS is still abundant today. In the XJS pantheon, the later cars (particularly the 6-cylinder convertibles) have the biggest following, mainly due to reduced upkeep costs. The V-12 engine is comparatively difficult to work on, and underhood temperatures are a common issue that impact everything from hose and wiring longevity, to slipping valve seats, to over-pressurized fuel hoses.

Nevertheless, there’s considerable cachet to the V-12, which is silky smooth and almost silent at its best. Fuel economy should not be a concern of yours if you are seeking one out, and the wisdom of buying the best you can was never truer than when it was applied to the XJS. Luckily, even very low mileage examples can still be affordably found.


5,3ltr Jagaur V12




63000 Km


Automatic 3 speed


White with Black top




Champaigne Leather

This beautiful original XJS convertable is in a very rare pristine state, having close to 63000km (Yes thats right only 63 000KM) this is a very rare find indeed.

The current owner is only the second one to own this beauty and this is a real gem. These cars are very scarce in South Africa and to find one in this condition is going to be hard to beat. Dont miss this once in a life opertunity and come see for yourself.

With the values of the XJS’s cars raising at a steady pace, this is great potential investment and definitely a vehicle to be considered before adding something else to your collection.