Derived from the Typ 170, the 200 model was a sophisticated, elegant ride with a straight 6-cylinder petrol unit displacing 2.0 L capable of 40 hp which pushed the car to top speed of 98 kmh (61 mph) via a 4-speed transmission linked to a rear-wheel drive. The car had a rather advanced level of equipment at the time with four-wheel hydraulic brakes and a modern suspension system comprising a rear floating axle with coil springs and front axle mated to transversely mounted leaf-springs.

Production: 1933 – 1936

No Produced: 15 622

Found as an abandoned project, we are very excited about this restoration

Arriving at our Premises:

IMG-20160808-WA0002     IMG-20160808-WA0000


Splitting the Chassis & cab:

IMG-20160808-WA0017     IMG-20160808-WA0012

Chassis Restoration:

Before                                                                                   After

IMG-20160808-WA0010      20160825_153733

Cab Internal Restoration:


IMG-20160808-WA0014     IMG-20160808-WA0013


IMG-20160808-WA0009    IMG-20160808-WA0008


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