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Evans Waterless Coolant

Route 101 Classic Car Centre has been appointed as the authorised installer and supplier of Evans Waterless Coolant for the classic car industry in Gauteng.

Overheating of older cars is common and blocked radiators of vehicles that is not frequently used, has been widely reported in the classic car movement.Evans waterless cooling

Evans Waterless Coolant:-

  • Prevents corrosion inside the engine
  • Prevents hot spots and overheating
  • Eliminates electrolysis
  • Boils at 190°c
  • Freezing point below minus 40°c
  • Stop cylinder liner cavitation
  • Eliminates after-boil
  • Reduce system pressure dramatically
  • Is Non-toxic & Eco friendly

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Evans waterless engine coolants solve overheating problems, reduce maintenance costs and have proven to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, Evans coolants help the environment by reducing emissions and eliminating the need for disposal as the coolants last the lifetime of the engine. Use Evans High Performance Coolants in your cars, vintage cars motorcycles.

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