SPEEDBOX GPS/VSS to Mechanical Drive Speed Converter

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SPEEDBOX GPS/VSS to Mechanical Drive Speed Converter (WITHOUT Mechanical Cable)
SPEEDBOX™ Mechanical Drive Speedometer Box. The Speedhut SpeedBox is designed to operate any good working, cable-driven mechanical speedometer using a signal from included GPS antenna, any VSS sensor, or Can-bus signal. The Box can be installed in the dash or under the hood.

Drive your Mechanical Speedometer using any of the following signals:
– GPS antenna (included)
– CAN-Bus (J1979 Protocol)

-Drive Output Thread is 7/8″-18
-Drive Output Square is 0.112″
-Can be calibrated to 100-1650 turns / mile
-Default calibrated for US speedometers @ 1000 turns / mile.

Ships with:
– Wiring Harness
– GPS antenna (no subscription required)

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